Monday, April 8, 2013

Guest Poem from Jody Lee Collins

Blessed are the chosen!
Blessed the guest
at home in your place!
We expect our fill of good things
in your house, your heavenly manse.
(Psalm 65:4 The Message)
Jody has made me feel at home in the blog world and as a Christian sister and friend. Welcome her here today and visit her blog, Three Way Light.

Jody also writes poetry.  Come get your fill of good things! She has two spots to read her poems:
As have we travelled from Sunday to Monday, why not sabbath a little bit longer with her latest poem: 
The still pavement
holds layers of light movement,
life aloft,
like comforting down
on this different, slow day.
(Read the rest of the poem here.)
2013 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Sunday Streets by Jody Lee Collins.
If you are looking for a place where poets gather to share their voices, Jody recommends DVerse-Poets Pub.

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  1. Kel, I appreciate your friendship so much and featuring my little works here with YOUR words. Thank you!


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