Friday, November 29, 2013

Thrilling Guest Thursday Reprise {and Moving Day}

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.
(Philippians 1:3 NLT)

A little over a year ago, I made a commitment to blog on a regular basis. One of my favorite features has been Thrilling Guest Thursdays! I went back through the archives and gathered the first posts of each guest to thank them personally for sharing of themselves and their journeys with us here at Nourishment for the Soul. Some were one time visitors, who I hope will return again next year, and others have become regulars that we look forward to greeting in this place. Click on the guest name to revisit their words and their hearts. If you would like to find other posts from Thrilling Guest Thursday, just use the handy search gadget at the top right hand side of the blog and plug in "Thrilling Guest Thursday". 

I am thankful for words and this place to feed on them, for readers, for comments, for guests, for blogger and for God giving us the ability to form friendships through words and common journeys. 

Here's the guest list from 2012-2013:

Kelly Greer

Lynn D. Morrissey
The Urban Hermit
Juniper Gillian
Rachelle Parezo
Marijo Blair
Elizabeth Anne May
Jody Lee Collins
Jeanie Kelley
Tracy Flori
Dawn Paoletta (Random Journal Day)
Karen O'Connor

I have decided to move Nourishment for the will now find me at I was ready for a new look and a new format. Please follow me over there. I will keep the archives up here for now. And I have transferred them to the new place, too. I am looking forward to seeing where God takes us this new church year, as Advent begins on Sunday. See you over at the new place, where we can continue the dialogue about words and the WORD! 

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  1. Honored to be on your list, Kel. Hey, I noticed over at the 'new place' there was a link to 'Soul Dare.' Well, aren't you being creative--God is big in you.....may he continue to build on those dreams! (p.s. the Nourishment for the Soul button on the 'Soul Dare' site clicks to THIS website, not the new Wordpress one. Just an FYI.)


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