Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrilling Guest Thursday: Some Brave 31 Dayers

Over the past month, a mere 1239 bloggers participated in last month's 31 Day Challenge hosted by the Nester.

Today I wanted to highlight a few of the brave souls who bared their hearts, encouraged others and completed the 31 Day Challenge.

31 Days of Honesty

31 Days of Faith Life Preservers

31 Days of Letting Go

31 Days of Hope

31 Days of Coming to Grip with My Age

31 Day of Writing Your Story

I could write a little blurb on each, but I just wanted to offer you some good reading for November. The titles speak for themselves. So click on the title that interests you most and enjoy!


  1. Thanks Kel, appreciate the mention here and so glad to have you following along friend.

    1. Shelly- I appeciate your authenticity and vulnerability that helps other sisters to move closer to the heart of God. You inspire us to Let Go! Thanks-Kel

      p.s. I look forward to seeing you and hearing you speak at Jumping Tandem:The Retreat

  2. Kel--this was so nice of you to have a gathering place for your top five....two of the five I've been reading myself. Thanks for the 'introductions.' I'm going to have to come back to Lisa Jo's when I have time.
    Bless you.


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