Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Tuesday's Pic

Do you lean towards a balanced life or a rhythmic life?


  1. I would like to think I live a balanced life, but I teeter then I totter then I balance out again.

  2. Ooh. love the rhythmic possibility. Balance requires so much effort and often ends with with a bump. Rhythm is joyous and is shared with a friend.

  3. To me rhythm seems more realistic and balance seems to only last for moments.Just like children trying to balance the teeter-totter, but after a while they return to the exhilaration of the up and down motion.

  4. Yes, living a balanced life is a myth, because life hurls circumstances beyond our control with which we must deal, thus putting other priorities and desires on a back burner--or o.o. balance. Rhythmic living seems to have more grace and give and take. Still, ultimately, I hope to live an integrated life, all propelled by my purpose. If I live according to my purpose, it's my true north--nothing can change it....though trials may buffet me, if I face them with purpose, then they HAVE a purpose. Just my two cents....AND I had actually written a better post, but lost it....so, given that my time is now o.o. balance b/c of lost time, I will just go ahead and post this purposefully, and hope it makes sense! =]


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